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Logo Ideation.


The logo is a monogram that combines two alphabet initials; B&Z. These initials represent the brand name.
The logo also contains triangles which signify purification, healing, and peace. All these elements add up to fully represent the vision of the brand, which is to give people brilliantly moisturized and healthy skin with safe and proven products.


Brand Typography

Primary Typeface

The Gotham typeface was created by Tobias Frere-Jones. He named the font after the fictional city in the Blockbuster superhero movie “Batman“.  After its usage in many campaigns and especially in Obama’s hope campaign this font has touched its peak. It’s simple, creative and user friendly. This Font comes in several weights.

Product Label Design

Element Formation

The By Zobem Beauty brand element is an exquisite fusion of symbolism, seamlessly blending elements to create a captivating visual identity. At its core lies a delicate Rose Flower Shape, symbolizing femininity and grace, capturing the essence of beauty in its purest form.


This floral motif evokes a sense of natural elegance, reflecting the brand’s commitment to timeless aesthetics Embracing sophistication, the pattern incorporates a Crown Shape, elevating the design with regal allure. This crown signifies the brand’s dedication to providing products that exude luxury and refinement, promising an experience that transcends ordinary beauty routines. In a harmonious integration, the alphabets B and Z are intricately woven into the pattern, adding a personalized touch that reinforces the brand’s identity.


The deliberate incorporation of these letters serves as a subtle nod to “By Zobem,” establishing a seamless connection between the brand and its discerning audience.

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