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Brand Story.

Hadassah Beauty, born from the fusion of artistic fervor and a commitment to sophistication, transcends ordinary cosmetics, offering a transformative journey where collaborative creativity intertwines with the visions of photographers and designers, creating an enduring connection with high-end and middle-class clientele through personalized consultations, exclusive tutorials, and the virtuosity of our founder, making every makeup application an art form and every collaboration a masterpiece in the world where beauty is not just seen but experienced, and elegance is an everyday affair.

Brand Development.

This is a standard guide that serves as a roadmap for the brand to follow when interacting with a variety of brand elements on a daily basis.

A great amount of time and thought was put into process and there were many considerations when developing the identity including; customers, competitors, the industry, the people, the environment, the specialities, the ability to cross-sell, the past and the future.


Logo Ideation

The brand emblem combines the initials of Hadassah Beauty (“H” and “B”) with a beauty symbol, symbolizing its connection to the beauty industry.

Brand Typography

Primary Typeface

Trajan Pro was the initial OpenType version, which added central European language support and added small caps in the lowercase slots.

In 2012 the existing OpenType version was significantly revised as “Trajan Pro 3,” with Robert Slimbach adding four additional weights as well as Cyrillic and Greek glyphs.


Secondary Typeface

This font is a Swiss style modernist sans serif type family characterized by the play between elegant rounded shapes and sharp angular details.

The family has five weights on offer, ranging from Light to Black. It is an excellent choice for use in branding, editorial, and poster design. Satoshi’s lowercase ‘a’ and ‘g’ are double-storied; however, single-storied alternates are available, through an OpenType feature.

Brand Pattern

An overlay of hair strands to denote beauty.


This representation of hair strands serves as a powerful symbol to convey the brand’s primary focus on beauty, The intricate overlay of strands not only adds a touch of sophistication but also reflects the brand’s commitment to detail and precision in beauty care.


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